What to bring to college

When packing for the first year of college, there are many things to consider. Visit your school’s site to find out what you need. You may want to leave some items at home or bring others, depending on the campus’s availability. Talk to your roommate and decide who will bring what early to avoid duplicates in your dorm. Space is limited like this.

Bedding Supplies

Find out the size of your bed in advance before you buy sheets. Twin? Or twin extra long? You’ll need a mattress protector in addition to your sheets, comforter and pillows.

Bath and Toiletries

What is your bath situation? Have you got your own bathroom? Share a bath with a roommate? Do you have one large one on each floor? When purchasing bath products, you will want to take into consideration portability. This is especially true if your bath is not a private one. Include any items you are used to keeping at home like bandages, tissues, or antacids. Shower shoes and a bag for shampoo can also be useful if your bath is shared.

Laundry Supplies

Discover where the laundry facilities are and how far they are away from your dormitory. Do they share the same building or are they separate? Do you have to pay cash or can you use a credit card? You have to leave campus? You should also have a bag for your clothes to carry them in.

Office and Desk Supplies

Consider what your school offers and what you need to study. Find out what kind of desk and storage you’ll need in your dorm.


If you are returning home before seasons change, consider the climate where you plan to go to school. Avoid bringing clothing for all seasons at once. Clothing space is limited.

Room Needs/Decor

Find out if there is any furniture provided and if you can hang anything on the wall. Some schools do not allow nails or tape on the wall. Consider bringing under-bed storage boxes or cubes if space is limited. It is possible that you will also need to bring hangers and a bedside lamp.

Computer Supplies

Find out what type of Internet connection is available in your hotel room, and what compatibility requirements there are. This will help you to be prepared. You can check if the campus has printing facilities, or if it is necessary to bring your own printer. Do not forget to bring the necessary items for your computer. This includes the power cable and a laptop lock by this link.

Electronic Supplies

Check what electronics are available in your dorm and consult with your roommate. You don’t want to have duplicates of expensive items such as speakers, TVs and refrigerators.

Cooking Supplies

You may want to cook in your dorm room even if there’s a dining hall. Ask your dorm about the rules regarding cooking and cooking appliances like microwaves, hot plates, coffee makers, etc. Some schools permit them, while others strictly prohibit them.

Food Supplies

Pack some snacks for those moments when you want to “eat in” or have a late night snack in your dormitory. Avoid perishable foods. Instead, opt for dry foods that are easy to store. You can prepare a variety of foods without much effort. Ramen, mac ‘n cheese and popcorn are all easy to make.

Cleaning Supplies

You have to clean up after yourself when you live alone. You’ll need cleaning supplies for areas such as the kitchen and bathroom. These include a portable vacuum cleaner, an all-purpose cleaner, and dust wipes. Before purchasing, check to see if these items are provided by your school.

Miscellaneous Stuff You Might Need

Try to imagine unique situations that you may encounter and the items needed to deal with them. What would you bring to a dentist’s appointment? What if something breaks? You want to do your studies outside? You will also be busy so don’t bring too many things.